Jan. 10th, 2009

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Actually got Torchwood and Deadwood mixed up... She said that they say *cunt* a lot on Torchwood.... And I said no they don't... I was tempted to argue, but let it go... She called her husband and confirmed that they say it on Deadwood.... She wasn't sure, but I was sitting there holding my copy of Twilight Streets... I really don't think JB et al would be on a show that used that word...

In other news.... I've got my first sinus headache of the year... Not bad considering it's the 10th... I would have thought that I would have one sooner... I don't feel fluish anymore though....

Oh and did I mention that I am done class in a week? I literally have one more module to go.... That and this time next week I will be in Buffalo waiting for Rent to start....

Oh and I forgot, I am Blue Gillespie's one and only friend on lastfm... I now know what a *Gillespie* is too...

Oh and I forgot (2)... I FINALLY have the soundtrack to the Godspell movie.... EEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Victor Garber as Jesus... Just started watching my DVD of season 3 of Alias too... Spy Daddy :o) I almost think the first disc is missing an episode though... I'm positive Sydney is introduced to Vaughan's wife in an episode, but the second episode showed recap, not where they meet.... Hmmmmmmmmmm

Last one... I was talking to this other guy at work today, and he said that JB looked plastic.... I asked why and he said cause he looked *too perfect*.... I was good though, I defended JB (with no mention of botox :P) and said he looks even better in person.


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