Feb. 6th, 2009

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And this happened almost 4 hours ago... I was at work, it's Friday and the phones are quiet... NOTHING to do, I was training with a person in the service queue and she was getting no calls... I was going to jump on a phone at 5pm, but there was no point, because it was that dead. I didn't and went on at 6pm when the rest of the after hours group came (except for Geff, who's in charge of us now, and has Fridays off)... Anyway, it was still dead, I had 2 calls in an hour... So I was looking at job sites, which I have done almost every night since I finished class... EVERYBODY in the after hours group knows that I do that, except for Kelly who's been off a few nights, because she's pregnant and her due date is really close. I have looked when she was there too, but I was in a different pod, where she couldn't see what I was doing (I actually have done it when she was right next to me and she NEVER noticed)... Tonight she goes off on me and tells me I shouldn't do that kind of thing at work. In front of EVERYONE... They all know I do it, even Geff who's in charge of us knows it and DOESN'T care! They ALL surf facebook, and she goes off on me for doing that... And we're not supposed to go on the internet at all at work, unless it's work related... EVERYONE has to sign an agreement to that effect. There are no exceptions, not even facebook... Just grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...... That and I know the day staff doesn't do it, I sat with four of them this week, and they do not surf the net when there's a lull... She better prepared if she pushes me, I WILL push back...

That and I left the room right after she said that, and when I came back, she and Christine were whispering...

I just yeah.... I was PISSED OFF, and I am still feeling a bit of the effects...


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