Apr. 2nd, 2009

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Watching the finale of ER... I didn't get to see the whole thing, but the end actually made me cry....

Anyway, more training at work today, which was.... interesting... Most of the staff during the day is nice, but now that I have direct contact with them it's different... I told one of them that the guy from our shift that went to theirs went on a trip for the company and by the end of the day that information had gotten around to all of the reps. It was basically, how come I don't get to go? I've been here longer... I almost started to panic, cause I started to think that the guy I told about would be angry, but everyone on my regular shift thought it was funny, and I realized it really wasn't that big a deal... Just wow... The gossip in that place...

I had a bit of trouble concentrating in my training though.... First I found the sunglasses I lost and then I remembered that I had forgot to watch Torchwood this week (for any Canadians out there it's now on Space on Tuesdays at 10pm)...
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I aspire to this:

You Are the Artist
You are unique and inspired. You aren't happy unless you are making art of some sort.
Almost anything can be a catalyst for your creativity. You find the whole world stimulating.

You have beautiful visions, and you're good at expressing them. You like people to see what you see.
You also have an inventor's spirit. You're always thinking up new ideas and concepts.


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