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2009-05-01 01:50 pm
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Thanks to the wonderful [profile] willow_kat

I now have a journal at dreamwidth, look for me under I have to go or I would add my friends here over there, but feel free to add me... If not I will add you when I get back :o)

Have a great day everyone.
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2009-04-18 07:20 pm
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Giggling again...

A couple of secrets over in Who secrets have me giggling too (the fanfic ones, *gasp*)... And I even ship Jack/Ianto (I know, I know I'm a traitor :P)
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2009-04-18 06:57 pm

That is kinda freaky...

Livejournal and Turner Classic Movies have the same birthday...

Otherwise, life is okay... Thank you for asking ;o)

Oh and the only reason I am using this mood, is because it's Jack with Nine... Did I mention I love Nine (even if JB doesn't :P)? I do, I am actually on the lookout for the episode Rose (I had a source, but it went belly up :o()

ETA: And since I posted today, I'll say Happy Birthday David Tennant :P
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2009-04-14 12:44 pm

This made me lol

Choosy Mothers Choose John Barrowman.

Enter a word for your own slogan:

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2009-04-08 03:50 pm
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The Osmonds are coming

And I am just that much of a nerd, that I am tempted to go...

That and I talked myself into more hours at work... Which is a good thing, but it may piss some of the others off (just newer people, with full time jobs, I shouldn't feel bad for them right?), and now I only have one night off a week... Oh well more hours... That and BC went live yesterday, and some of us (not me thank God), had to take their calls cold, with no training...

Oh and JB and Whoopi on a chat show? Total heaven for me. Dawn French seemed pretty cool too, and I totally envy her that she got to see John in Matador (as she said 48 times :P).
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2009-04-07 04:21 pm

Okay I am sick..

Totally... My mom was sick first and I had to go and get her cough medicine at Walmart the other day after work, and I ended up taking some as well... I missed my last therapy appointment because of it, instead I had my mom yelling at me... Grrrrrrrrrrrr....

Took my mom to get new glasses today and when we got back this stray cat ran into the house... He tried to stay, but when he saw our cats he started to hiss. I feel bad if he really iss a stray (he wasn't wearing a collar), because it is really cold here today, and he has nowhere to go.... He couldn't of stayed here anyway, he wasn't declawed...

Speaking of the weather... What the hell was that? Almost two months of no snow, we get a storm on April 6th? What the hell??

That and I have been searching for more info about the last Doctor Who special... I've seen the pictures, just wondering about the details hmmmm... New special this week though... It airs Sunday right?

That and I am more disappointed now to not be going to Torchsong... Why did GDL have to agree to go? And I am SO not sorry for the unfavourable exchange rate for the people in the UK.

I had more, but this damn flu has eaten my brain...
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2009-04-02 11:16 pm
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What's Your Life's Mission?

I aspire to this:

You Are the Artist
You are unique and inspired. You aren't happy unless you are making art of some sort.
Almost anything can be a catalyst for your creativity. You find the whole world stimulating.

You have beautiful visions, and you're good at expressing them. You like people to see what you see.
You also have an inventor's spirit. You're always thinking up new ideas and concepts.
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2009-04-02 11:03 pm
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I literally just teared up...

Watching the finale of ER... I didn't get to see the whole thing, but the end actually made me cry....

Anyway, more training at work today, which was.... interesting... Most of the staff during the day is nice, but now that I have direct contact with them it's different... I told one of them that the guy from our shift that went to theirs went on a trip for the company and by the end of the day that information had gotten around to all of the reps. It was basically, how come I don't get to go? I've been here longer... I almost started to panic, cause I started to think that the guy I told about would be angry, but everyone on my regular shift thought it was funny, and I realized it really wasn't that big a deal... Just wow... The gossip in that place...

I had a bit of trouble concentrating in my training though.... First I found the sunglasses I lost and then I remembered that I had forgot to watch Torchwood this week (for any Canadians out there it's now on Space on Tuesdays at 10pm)...
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2009-03-28 09:19 pm


It might be Gareth's birthday today (not in the UK in anymore, but it still is here), but we get the present; he's recording a Torchwood audiobook, that just gets me ridiculously excited...

That and I forgot to mention that rumours are swirling that JB is going to be on stage in the West End again soon, in La Cage Aux Folles... I would LOVE to see him in that....

That and I LOVE the choices on this mood theme... Cheerful? Happy? How is a girl able to choose? :P

ETA: Forgot he mentioned the radio plays too... YAY!!!!!!!!
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2009-03-28 07:53 pm

Today I was a total cliche

I wore my Rent shirt to work, and listened to the OBC on my break and when I went to the mall... I still need to learn how to make an e with an accent when I type too... I looked one up before and it didn't work...

Got the Torchwood Archives at Chapters today. It made me so happy that they are selling Torchwood stuff there... They even have JB's autobiography there... They're supposed to have the paperback there too, but they don't have any in stock...

I found a Canadian website that sells the Doctor Who and Torchwood figures too... The only extra they charge is shipping (through Canada Post)... They even have a sale on the Doctor Who Captain Jack figure...

My cat missed me today, he's been following me around since I got home...

That and I am thismuchcloser to getting more hours at work... Sometimes patience and perseverance really do payoff...
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2009-03-21 10:53 pm
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Aw crap, I wanted to be weirder :P

So, frankiesblue, your LiveJournal reveals...

You are... 0% unique and 7% herdlike (partly because you, like everyone else, enjoy musicals). When it comes to friends you are normal. In terms of the way you relate to people, you are keen to please. Your writing style (based on a recent public entry) is conventional.

Your overall weirdness is: 22

(The average level of weirdness is: 29.
You are weirder than 48% of other LJers.)

Find out what your weirdness level is!

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2009-03-18 11:09 pm
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So I just heard about Natasha Richardson's death...

Not that I wasn't expecting it, considering her accident's been all over the news the last couple of days, but it's still shocking... I'm not really the type that believes something could happen till it actually does. I feel bad for her family, but especially her boys (and Liam of course), they're still rather young, and they just lost their mother. I mean my mom drives me crazy, but I have had her for 30+ years... In her honour, I am downloading the revival recording of Cabaret (I had it before, but I deleted it).

What else? I think we may have gotten in shit at work again tonight... We stop making outbound calls at 8:30, and some of the higher ups came in just before 8:45 and we were talking... Technically you could call that a break, but who knows what they will actually call it. I wasn't actually in the room though when they came in, and technically when I came back I was still on my fifteen minute break... Oh and it turns out they are closing all of their Western Canada ROC's and are our ROC is becoming National. So they are going to be hiring... If anyone is looking for a job in Ontario, I just gave you a hint of where to look, *wink.

ETA: Oh and *gasp* I just threw away my Tim Horton's cup without rolling up the rim... Whoops, I just did, and I didn't win anything *pout*
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2009-03-17 10:01 am
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Hmmmmmmmmmmm... That makes no sense actually...

I was reading reports about the Hub2 and I found something rather interesting... I've been reading that the organizers want James Marsters for the Hub3, but not Gareth. One of the things is that they want new guests and different guests, and people from series 3 specifically (how weird is it that by the time the convention comes around, the series will have aired...). More specifically with Gareth, they don't want to deal with his management (this is what I read on someone's lj), but that he and James are represented by the same people... Think about it, they don't want Gareth, they want James, they don't want to deal with Gareth's management, BUT James and Gareth are managed by the same people? HUH? Seriously wondering if this person read their entry after they wrote it...

Anyway, not that I am planning on going (I REALLY want to, but there is the problem of getting a full time job still), but the gold tickets are already sold out... They were sold out yesterday, actually. They've also already announced 5 guests too: JB (even though the mods at his group keep reminding everyone that it is subject to his availability, yeah whatever), Beth from Sleeper (I'm going to do this by character name, cause if I do it by their actual name, I will most likely get at least one of the spellings wrong), the chick from Greeks Bearing Gifts, the little girl from Faeries and "the Operative" from Series 3.
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2009-03-12 10:09 pm
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Paging Dr. Ross!

I literally screamed when I saw him... I, just.... I...
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2009-03-07 11:11 pm
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This may or may not offend some people..

But I don't care... My biggest pet peeve on livejournal and on lastfm, is people who don't credit the makers of the graphics that they use. Whether it be an icon or a layout, it's not hard and it doesn't take long to give credit to the maker... I learned how and I still don't know how to even do strikethrough on here. I saw an icon on lastfm that I recognized from here (I actually have it as one of mine), and the person says that they made it... So, I thought maybe they made one similar, nope they didn't.... Truly that amazes me
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2009-03-05 08:38 am

So I saw Slumdog Millionaire...

And it was really good, I wasn't too sure about it at first, but I really enjoyed it. Dev Patel was really good, and he Frieda really do have great chemistry... All the children were really good too...

But, just what is with Danny Boyle and bathroom humour? He's like obsessed with it... Watching this and watching Trainspotting, I was like, what in the???

I also didn't remember that Chris Eccleston was in Danny's first movie (with Ewan no doubt) Shallow Grave, till I read the credits on imdb... I rented it from the library a long time ago, I almost want to go and get it again.

The icon has nothing to do with anything (except for obvious JB love), and that I want the weather to go warmer, which it is actually supposed to.
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2009-03-02 11:15 pm
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I *might* actually get more hours at work...

I asked before and nothing happened (I also was away the weekend they really talked about some of us in after hours getting more daytime hours), but it could actually happen this time...

I wasn't going to and had kind of given up, but it turns out that one of the people that did get more hours is actually leaving (she's putting in her notice tomorrow), so I already mentioned in to Geff and he said that he would definitely mention me to Paul. He's going to put a good word in for me and everything.... Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...... And, they want me to take over one of the lists and train one of the newbies... It feels nice to be appreciated, it truly does :o)

I'm trying not to get my hopes up too high, but it is nice to feel hopeful...
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2009-02-25 11:14 pm
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That's interesting...

Steven Page is leaving Barenaked Ladies... This truly feels like the end of an era. I mean I was *in* Grade Nine when the song came out... The other guys are going to go on without him... I never did pay attention to what happened when he was arrested for drugs though...

In other news, work went well (go me!) and my mother and I are still talking in circles... I am SO sick of it. I want out and would have been gone if I had a full time job (which she knows)...

Oh and stupid itunes just took 2 tries to load, WTF???
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2009-02-23 10:39 pm
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Should I watch it?

Someone just posted the first episode of Law and Order UK... Should I watch it? Is it worth it?

I...... Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...........
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2009-02-21 08:03 pm

Allow me to get up on my soapbox for a moment...

This has happened a lot in the last few days, and I have finally had it...

There is this woman at work (more than one, but I am focusing on her for this), who tells everybody that she's nice (she actually said those words today) and then will turn around and stab you in the back the first chance that she gets... I wasn't sure till today that she had done it to me, but I am pretty sure now that she has. Now I can handle that, that's no problem, I don't need a full time job there as badly as they might think I do.

What truly irritates me is the way she treats certain people. She (and a couple others) has decided that she doesn't like this one girl on our shift, and even though she goes out of her way to be *nice* you can tell that she doesn't like her she doesn't come off as being nice to her. Now this girl is different and was actually born in the Middle East, so the way she speaks and the way she acts is different (not wrong, different!)... And the girl from the Middle East also had trouble getting used to the phones and what we're doing, but rather than help her, she picks at her... It feels like it's only getting worse, and I am getting REALLY close to losing my temper.

I talked about it to the other woman stayed later today and I actually got to blow off some steam... It just truly amazes me the way that some people act and treat people...

It reminds me of the UK vs. US JB wank (and other wank that I have witnessed). Opinions differ, that's why they are called *opinions* for God's sake! No matter how long you've been a fan or known who he is doesn't make you better or worse, or your opinion more valid. I mean, I can remember Central Park West, does that make me more valid than the person that only first saw him in Torchwood? I don't think so. I do think there is a bit of touchiness going on to, that has more to do with the person's personality than anything with JB (which I think JB would be the first to point out).

Anyway, I'm done now, and I feel a lot better...

Oh and someone tell me to stop listening to this song...