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Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.......... It's reloading my entire library....

That and I cannot find a version of Microsoft Office that I can open...

Oh and how come people from the UK can afford to go see JB at Torchsong and I can't? I NEED to see that man in person somewhere this year!

ETA: this has only gotten worse... I resynched my library to my ipod and now it says that it won't fit! GGrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.... That and the damn program has found every song on my computer (some I thought were gone forever)... I went to work with an empty ipod.

ETA 2: Okay I figured it out... For some reason it tried to add all of my video files to the ipod too... Every episode of Queer as Folk and every movie... I removed them and now it all fits... whew....
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And who knows, maybe I'll change my mind and this entry will be gone tomorrow.

I need to get this out )
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Man... I do everything that is asked of me (and more) and she still screams, and I still beg to stay.

Today, it was that I spilled something on purpose (while I was vacuuming). I didn't notice before, all I saw was an empty cup (to me anyway) on the coffee table. I get angry, she gets angry, it just kept going.

I start tomorrow at 7:30am... Wow, I haven't gotten up that early in a while.

Been screwing around though, making John Barrowman feeds for livejournal. There are Randy Harrison feeds, so there HAS to be John Barrowman feeds right? Right :P (I posted the links on barrowmanfans, but if you can't be bothered to look there, take a look at my profile)

For the record I need to stop listening to Sondheim songs and watching these videos:

They're part of a series on the making of the original Company cast album. I love Elaine Stritch and Pamela Myers now. The second video is particularly funny, because the engineer comes in at the end of their lunch (Stephen Sondheim, Hal Prince and Elaine Stritch) to tell them that they'll finish recording at 4am (which is true if you watch Elaine recording the Ladies Who Lunch).

I had more... I keep forgetting must be the age thing again... Oh I keep coming back to someone telling me a long time ago, that read my palm and said that I wouldn't live past thirty... I know that's morbid (and probably not true). Thirty's only 3 days away now though...

I also wonder, since it's like 5am in Cardiff, if the Torchwood crew is preparing to shoot the first ep of series 3? Or if some of the actors are early??

Okay it's 11:13pm now, I need to go to bed.
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Right? Right...

The last few weeks, have been horrible... You know the saying just when you think things can't get any worse? No don't have sex (sorry Owen :P) They do?

My mom and I are truly like oil and water... We are too alike and we are too different... And basically the *almost* worse (the worst being going to jail) has happened twice in the last month... I ended up spending a few days with my aunt, because it was so bad.

The course I am about to start will help me, and I am working on getting a job... I've had a few interviews, so hopefully one of them will go somewhere. What I really want is a job at this place in Toronto, but I can't get the lady to ask... She's too busy with her brother's wedding, which is understandable... But I'm sure people can relate that once you figure out what you want to do you want to start NOW...

I've been trying to find out if my doctor got a report about me... I've been calling for two weeks, and the secretary is so helpful. I found out for sure it was faxed to them, she told me she hadn't gone through the mail yet... WHAT?

The obvious is to of course get out. I can't address that right now...
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The shitty day I have been having (yes I know it's morning, I am talking about the 24 hour period)...

I am posting to say that Rick Springfield is going to do a concert on GH! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!! I am really hoping that he does Jesse's girl... It's kinda confusing cause he'll be doing it as Noah Drake pretending to be Eli Love... It's funny to hear his actual accent too on the show...

I am slightly confused about one thing though... When he was on the show in the eighties Noah Drake didn't sing? He said to Patrick yesterday that he couldn't sing...
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shitty day... Yes I said shitty, I wonder if that will make my rating go up...

My cat, the cat that I have had for 10 years disappeared last night... He never does that, my mom said that she looked for him... He's nowhere... He doesn't do that, he gets out, he comes right back... Mom said that they do that when they are getting ready to die, and that I should I face nature... He's been acting strange, going after the other cat, getting all twitchy when he's washing himself... I just... What about those cats that live for 15 - 20 years? Why can't I have one of those?

That and they are taking stuff away from me at work again... I think... I'm made to feel like I can do stuff and then it's all taken away from me... Cause Sherri is SO much better. Yeah, whatever... That's total bullshit. I guess I shouldn't care, but I have looked after the fax and photocopier for 5 years. I've been the go to person, on those machines since I started here...

That and I had to buy chocolate milk, just to curb my chocolate craving. I really should stop going to the grocery store at lunchtime...

Anyway, it's month end, don't cha know. Back to the grind...

Update: Okay the cat came back...And I still get to take care of the faxes at work...

Um yay?


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