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Saw Degrassi today, the woman who plays Ellie's Mom played Brian's sister...

There are probably more Degrassi and QAF connections (other than Ryan Cooley)...

Just don't know what they are.


Apr. 6th, 2007 04:17 pm
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New Degrassi episodes... American Idol be damned!

And Holy of Holies Dylan and Marco stuff, finally! It's on Monday, I have to remember to watch... What's with John Bregar dying his hair though? And the Justin-esque do on Marco? Weird....
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Yes I know I just swore in my subject line... DAMNIT! DAMNIT! DAMNIT! Why is Degrassi so lame? Marco and Dylan are finally in an episode, but they are only in the background of scenes with Jimmy and Spinner. The only time Marco and Dylan interacted was in the background when everyone was talking about Jimmy's t-shirts.... I know I said that I wanted to see a story with Jim and Spinner, but selling t-shirts? How lame is that?

I guess I know now what happened to Shawn, but for Emma to get him out only for him to get into more trouble? Yawn... Wake me up when Dylan and Marco are back...

Also what's with most of the older Rent boots that I have, having Marcy Harriel as Mimi? Just how much time did off/how early did Daphne leave in the original run of Rent?

Edit: Also what happened to Marcy after she left Rent? No one ever mentions her... I looked her up on IBDB and her credits stopped after Rocky Horror (I think it was Rocky Horror anyway). Did she go away and have a family or something??

Edit 2: GOD DAMNIT 2! Why do they have Spike and Snake and no Joey? Are they trying to mock me? Did Pat get another job? Doesn't Snake need someone to talk to? I'd say Spike too, but if I did, I'm afraid they would bring back Caitlin, and just please no!

Edit 3: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww... Isn't that sweet? Emma and Shawn are staying together.. Blech!
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I forgot to watch last week (yes I know I said that I wasn't going to watch), which means that I missed the new girl (a single mom no less) and Ellie falling for some guy she works with... *Yawn* Oh and Peter is under house arrest, there is no sign of Shawn and in Manny's books Peter is back to being just a creep... With no sign of Emma.

I was SO hoping that Dylan and Marco would be in the episode. Nope no sign of them. And something about JT being obsessed with Liberty, even though he's chasing around after the single mom (I don't even know her name).

That and Darcy is getting WAY too much airtime... Oh and look she's pretty and Peter's taking pictures of her... Maybe Peter will put naked pictures of her on the internet and maybe she'll start stripping... *Yawn*

I need me some Dylan and Marco NOW!

Oh and someone needs to buy a car (Spinner has a new one, and all he does now is drive Darcy around? He and Jimmy made up, they both need to spend time together!), I need a Joey fix!
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Never mind that I was shocked that Daniel Clark came back to Degrassi (I read on his myspace that he was in Los Angeles), what was the point of Shawn coming back to only get arrested? Is he gone now? I wouldn't be surprised if he was, but Peter is SO boring! And Spike and Snake are back together now, just like that? And no more Joey? :o(

Dylan and Marco are so cute though... I saw it coming a mile away that Ellie would be their roommate (never mind that when Shawn left she was with him and this time around they didn't even SEE each other). Now Paige will come back to TO and stay with them too.... The whole season will be about Dylan and Marco trying to be alone and Paige and Ellie cramping their style, and shocker... Hijinks will ensue...

Spinner needs a life though, and so does Jimmy. And what's with Ashley and Toby not being in the main cast anymore?

Next week is cheerleader tryouts with Manny... Yawn, boring, and I can't stand Manny... I'll probably skip it...
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What the hell is wrong with CTV broadband? I am trying to watch the new Degrassi episode and it's not playing... It's just pictures that move like a slideshow, with audio behind it... It's so frustrating. Does that mean there something's wrong with my computer? Or are there a lot of people watching the episode? I'm not giving up though... Not yet, anyway...

ETA: As soon as I posted that it started to work (it keeps stopping, but the video and audio are in sync at least now).

ETA 2: Nope went back to the slideshow thing again... But Marco and Dylan are totally cute (and in the episode more than I thought they would be, I thought it would be all Emma and Shawn... *yawn*)

ETA 3: Just read that one of the major characters will be murdered. It better NOT be Marco or Dylan... I will be majorly pissed if that happens. And it will be so long Degrassi for me


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