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And it was really good, I wasn't too sure about it at first, but I really enjoyed it. Dev Patel was really good, and he Frieda really do have great chemistry... All the children were really good too...

But, just what is with Danny Boyle and bathroom humour? He's like obsessed with it... Watching this and watching Trainspotting, I was like, what in the???

I also didn't remember that Chris Eccleston was in Danny's first movie (with Ewan no doubt) Shallow Grave, till I read the credits on imdb... I rented it from the library a long time ago, I almost want to go and get it again.

The icon has nothing to do with anything (except for obvious JB love), and that I want the weather to go warmer, which it is actually supposed to.
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Saw Deception with Hugh Jackman and Ewan McGregor (both of whom I love and both of whom can sing VERY well)... It was all right... Kind of predictable, with Ewan being setup by Hugh and then you have to wonder how he'll get out of it..

Michelle Williams was in it too... Ironic that she's the only one of the three with an Oscar nomination...

edit: Forgot to mention that everytime I go to one of Ewan's movies, hoping he'll speak in his own accent, and he's doing American (more and more it seems)... Doesn't bother me as much with Hugh, he's done so many movies with the American accent now...
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I thought I had millions of icons saved, but I definitely didn't reach my limit... I finally got around to putting my new account to use...

You know what I discovered? I have more Justin than Brian icons (no surprise there)... I have a lot of Disney and Peanuts icons (no surprise there either)...I only have 1 Broadway icon now (I'll have to fix that)... And no that's no mistake, that I have only Christian icons from Moulin Rouge...

I'm pretty sure that I have credited everyone correctly... I *might* have gotten a couple of QAF ones wrong... But I only have 2 people that I have used icons from, so if it's not one than it's the other...

I think I am going to bed now... I was working on a mood theme, but I closed the window by mistake (I meant to close the other one grrrrrrrrrrrrr...) Probably doesn't matter, I think I was doing it the hard way, and now I can't find it... I could have sworn I put it in my memories, but now I can't find it... I don't think that has anything to do with being tired do you?

Edit: Oh yeah the other thing, I want to get is more icons of Gale (maybe Brian, but definitely Gale)...
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But I wanted to post this before I forgot... Ewan McGregor was on the View yesterday, to promote Miss Potter no less...Yes they did point out that he already did a movie with Renee...

Anyway, I totally squealed when he came out (I wasn't paying attention, all I heard was Miss Potter and expected it to be Renee)... I loved how they talked about how many movies he's been naked in (they also reminded me that I still have not seen the Pillow Book)... That and the obligatory Star Wars reference and Rosie even snuck one in for Moulin Rouge :o) He's not quite using his brogue anymore, which was disappointing... But Ewan naked? TOTALLY makes up for it...


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