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Big storm is coming... I will just watch it from my window, in the nice warm house.

In other news... New neighbours moved in next door, and left all of their crap outside... They have a huge garage now and it's all outside... Good God....
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Didn't go out for lunch and the phone rings... It's my mother, "What did you do to the de-humidifier?" she asks...The lid came off the bucket inside I pushed it back in after I emptied and now apparently it's stuck inside... Then she proceeds to go on about how I don't help her... How she'll get Vanda to help her... Go right ahead mother...

Just now I can't concentrate, and I am supposed to be wrapping up year end...
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Went to the market this morning and bought new Birkenstocks (I haven't had a new pair in ten years)...Bought perogies and candy for the guys at work...

I know I need to stop psyching myself out of going places... I was thinking Washington DC for Christmas.

I had more, but I guess I lost interest in rambling...
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I decided to change my layout again... I had to put up a picture of 17 year old Justin too... Just 'cuz...

Oh and wouldn't it figure? I am finally on vacation, my brother has moved out and now I have a sinus infection? AGAIN!

I just can't win... Can I? I will though... Hopefully in three days I will be in New York City...
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How tired I am of everything being my fault? I don't even know how it's possible... It just is...
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And I don't care to explain that last post... I have decided to finally do something about it.

I finally cleaned up the wires under my computer desk. I can finally put my feet down under me, and pull the mouse wire, without it being tangled..

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I go all the way... I couldn't leave the house today, I couldn't control my temper and now I have no place to stay.
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The woman I work with is acting like a 5 year old... Who am I kidding? She ALWAYS acts like this... It's just that she's really getting to me today. There is the stupid thing with the fax machine, if she doesn't want to pick up the faxes on the machine, that's fine, but picking them up looking at them and putting them back down? WTF? Then there is the thing with the printer, I was reprinting invoices and I turned around to get them, she's hunched over the machine (we share a printer, just the two of us, isn't that special?), when the printer stopped she picked up all of the papers (without looking at any of them) and proceeds to walk away... With all of MY invoices!! Then it stopped (I think she hit one of the buttons on the machine), I got it going again, cause I needed one more sheet of paper. Her report comes off and she takes ALL the pieces of paper AGAIN!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...........

I didn't feel like waiting so I reprinted my fax, to only turn around once I was done with the invoicing and see my fax on my desk... I rather forcefully threw it in the recycling... I hate sinking to her level, but I feel kinda gross today, and it was just not the right time to do that in my presence... Did I mention that this woman will be sixty five years old in March?? Anyone who reads this can be amazed... I also never want to hit anyone and certainly not anyone older than me, but if given the chance I would make an exception for her, ESPECIALLY today

There now that I have ranted about that... What else? My brother didn't come back again (why can't he just stay gone??)

And I am SO sick of internet brats! I won't be specific. I'm just ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Granted I only came back to message boards and such in the last year or so, but when did people get so much meaner?? And why do people force their opinions on each other? Like it's some kind of cardinal rule set in stone? I have an open mind, and anyone who doesn't like it, can get over it!

I'm done now... Ate cold french fries and have to go back to work... I'm going to put up the Christmas decorations today, maybe that will cheer me up... Hmmmm.....

ETA: Okay, coming back to make a few more points... Internet brats, that don't agree with you or a certain group of people (fandom, what have you..)... Some things are *offensive*? Whatever! Just because you don't like something or don't agree, doesn't mean that it's wrong or it's bad...Even if it does go too far (which is usually an extreme case)... I just.... GRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.. I guess what I am trying to say is live and let live people!
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I am almost did another entry with the title "Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...," again.

I've been waiting most of the night, so I could do another download, and now I have only 33 minutes left. I should go to bed, because I still feel really tired, but with only 33 minutes left, I'd rather wait. The problem? I've run out of things to do on the net. I don't even have any music/video that I want to watch right now. I'll probably just veg till then.
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What the hell is wrong with CTV broadband? I am trying to watch the new Degrassi episode and it's not playing... It's just pictures that move like a slideshow, with audio behind it... It's so frustrating. Does that mean there something's wrong with my computer? Or are there a lot of people watching the episode? I'm not giving up though... Not yet, anyway...

ETA: As soon as I posted that it started to work (it keeps stopping, but the video and audio are in sync at least now).

ETA 2: Nope went back to the slideshow thing again... But Marco and Dylan are totally cute (and in the episode more than I thought they would be, I thought it would be all Emma and Shawn... *yawn*)

ETA 3: Just read that one of the major characters will be murdered. It better NOT be Marco or Dylan... I will be majorly pissed if that happens. And it will be so long Degrassi for me


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