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on my flist a Happy New Year... I want to thank you all for adding me back... I don't want to single anyone out, you have all been such a highlight to a VERY shitty year (which is now thankfully over :o)). Thank you all for being my friends :o)

And of course my other highlights: John Barrowman, Torchwood and Gareth David-Lloyd... Little did I know when I innocently downloaded Another Side last November that it would turn into this... Torchwood Series 2 seriously rocked. Gareth squeezed me when I met him in June... And in my eight times meeting John, I walked past him on the street, he touched my back (and I touched his squee!), and he waved at me on the last night of Maria (and drove down John Street like a maniac :P)

just cause I love this picture :o) )
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Shitty weather and women losing babies, puts it all in perspective for me...

Oh to be somewhat hopeful... I faced my fear of driving in bad weather... I did it I DROVE! :o)))

I should have made that one of my New Year's resolutions...

Hmmmm... anyways.......

Edit: I feel somewhat normal these days... Whatever that means... Most of the depression is gone...


Dec. 31st, 2006 10:09 pm
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This will probably be my last post of 2006... Interesting, considering that I joined in 2005 and didn't start posting entries till this summer.

New Year's Resolutions (this will most likely be done in 2 parts):
Continue to lose weight (exercise and my new reduced appetite should go a long way toward this)
This is kinda hard... I am trying to be realistic...
Be more honest (like I said more *bitchy*)
Put myself out there more, so I can meet new people and make new friends (I am SO tired of being alone)
DAMNIT! I had one more and I already forgot it!
Oh wait I remember... Grow up more, I DO NOT want to end up like Ronald...

Edit: TRAVEL! - Farther than Disneyland :o)
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I change my layout, or surf for downloads... I hope no one out there thinks that I am a predator when it comes to downloading bootlegs...I just feel so behind when it comes to these kinds of things...

Anyway, I am not coughing right now... Which is a definite improvement.. Unfortunately it never lasts. Mom and I are better, unfortunately my brother is a right off. I knew that before he came to stay here, but like Mom I hope things will be better always... I just don't think it can be.

I cleaned up a rather large mess today and typed up four resumes (none of which were for me).

I guess you could say that I feel better.. We are even invited out for dinner tomorrow. I have hope that things are going to get better... That 2006 will end better than it began and 2007 will be awesome...

Gotta go now, wanna catch a show for 10pm and I still have to wash my hair for tomorrow.

I like being optimistic and happy, I should do it more often...

And just look at the picture... The happiest place on earth


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