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It's like 20 celsius here today, and it snowed last week... We're supposed to have this weather till the end of the week (at least). I went outside to rake leaves in a hoodie, t-shirt and sweatpants, and I got overheated in less than an hour.

While I was mildmannerly (:P) raking the leaves I heard a siren go down the highway. One isn't a huge shock, so I didn't really pay attention. Then I heard another siren, but I still didn't pay attention. I finally looked up when I went to put the rake away and all of the cars are backed up going west... The highway went from being clear to backed up in less than an hour...

Maybe someone going like a bat out of hell to get across the border to vote? Only problem? Where I am it's about 4 hours to the Windsor - Detroit border.

Now I am going to sit here and watch Luke and Noah arguing on As the World Turns...
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I thought I was supposed to stay today till 12:30pm, I only needed to stay till 11:30am... No one said anything to me and the other girl in my program stayed with me... Oops.. Can't stay later tomorrow, or I will be late to my first day at work.

I just really need to get some sleep.

I could sleep now, but Luke and Noah are on ATWT...
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And who was saying that America loves Torchwood more?

I would talk about Canadian politics, but Stephen Harper never does anything... Parliament's probably going on summer vacation soon anyway...

Speaking of vacation )

eta: You know after 100 tries, I finally got my lj cut right... Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr............
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kicked puppy look down... I just wish Luke didn't HAVE to be the kicked puppy all the time... Angst is good, and then Cyndi comes... She's quoted as saying she's going to be doing "a little matchmaking." All I can say is it better work!

I really don't like the line about Luke and Noah for the summer... That Luke has to *prove* his love to Noah...

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Randy Harrison, Jake Silbermann, Gareth David-Lloyd, Van Hansis, Gale Harold and John Barrowman all made afterelton's hot 100 list... Not suprisingly of course... There might be some who think Randy should be higher (I think they have him at 32?), but how? He's only done theatre for the last 2 years... I was actually worried that Gale wouldn't be in there (because of DH, blech)... He is though...

Yes I did see Sex and the City: The Movie... It was good, a bit too long (almost 2 and a half hours??)... Like they were trying mash 4+ episodes in there... I did like how it ended (yes I'm a sap at hear), and Anthony and Stanford together? Little scary... What happened to Marcus?

Edit: There should be one additional yes Declan Bennett made the list too :o)
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I just read Luke and Noah spoilers... Well rumours really... Now what was actually in them sounds out there, so that stuff probably won't happen word for word... But if they dial it down a bit, and take out some of the extreme stuff, it is probably what is going to happen. That and ATWT and P&G saying that their intimacy will be included in breakdowns, makes me think that there won't be ANY... Not that they won't be in love or anything... I just think it will be the summer of ANGST... How much longer are they going to drag this out (*this* being them making love)?Grr....... Will this go on till Van and Jake leave the show? That makes me worry a bit too, considering that Van re-signed for an *unspecified* amount of time... Which I read as less than three years...

Oh well, I REALLY hope that Van brings his boyfriend to the Emmys. I REALLY want there to be a shot of him (one if Van is only shown as a nominee, hopefully more than one if he wins...)
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Nah... Not really...

My mom shouted at me for not answering her today... You'd think I was twelve or something...

Finally got my package... Now hopefully John's book will come tomorrow.

Luke and Noah kissed today, and a girl I have known since we were about six snubbed me today... What a bitch
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People were saying that Idina sounded bad at the Chess concert... She doesn't to me... What the hell are they talking about? Complaining that she doesn't sound like Julia? So what! I was pleasantly surprised by Kerry Ellis... That and an Elphaba with long blonde hair? Interesting (I did look she wears a long dark wig for the part) Adam and Josh sound great (as expected)...

Had an interlude (wanted to see Adam and Idina together, there is no footage of them together in Aida, just audio)...

Anyway... I am now obsessed with Luke and Noah on ATWT too... Kinda interesting for me, considering I saw the episode when Holden helped Lily deliver Luke... Yes I know that makes me oooooooooollllllllllllllldddddddddd.... The spoilers look promising, and when Noah told Luke that nothing bad was going to happen to him (Noah), that means that something will... I love that I read that they are going to have more normal couple interactions and that they will be included in breakdowns for the show... (I just hope that's not too ominous)...


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