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I don't know if the report is adorable or Randy (when is he not?)... Let's go with both...

It was about the con he did in Paris for Queer as Folk (a lot of the QAF people thought the sun was going to fall out of the sky when they heard the he agreed to and was indeed going to do it)... He talked a lot about the show, and a bit about the actors... I can't remember word for word, but I know he said that he *adores* Gale Harold.... I let out a big awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww then...

I can't get any of the vids from the con to work though...

Oh and I seem to be on a Adam Pascal kick today... I am actually listening to Blinding Light... It's really good. I don't know what they were talking about at Broadwayworld saying the CD isn't good. It's not like Model Prisoner or Civilian, but who would want it to be?
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And I can't focus on any one thing right now sooooooooooooo.....

The painting is finally getting done here (thank God)... Couldn't even hand out Halloween candy because of that... It also amused me to no end to see a picture of Gareth David-Lloyd wearing black nail polish... That and it was nice to see that he has the same girlfriend that he had this summer (AHEM)...

I cleaned out my itunes today... I removed all of the episodes of Queer as Folk I had on there... Which makes me kinda sad, but oh well... They are still on my computer, though.

My cat has been following me around all day... I got them new food, but he's still just bugging me.

I went to Walmart to get the cat food and water... And they were playing country music on the PA... I was like.... Okay.... I then went back to the music on my ipod, but realized a little while later that they were playing the Monkees' "Pleasant Valley Sunday".

I cannot wait till the election is over... I could get on my soapbox about voting, but I won't... I just hope that we will know by Wednesday who the next president is...

Ummmmmmmmmmmm.... Oh yeah, I almost forgot... There are going to be dancemix's released of John Barrowman's "What About Us". That kinda frightens me... Not that I won't listen of course... I do listen to other artists... He just calms me, so I listen to him more :o)

Oh and I read a kind of interesting spoiler about Torchwood series 3 today too... It was actually real too, unlike the one I read that Owen was coming back to be King of the Weevils (I promise that is not a spoiler, just some really odd speculation I read somewhere)...

I can't listen to this song, without thinking of Catherine Tate and John Barrowman making fun of it...
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Randy Harrison, Jake Silbermann, Gareth David-Lloyd, Van Hansis, Gale Harold and John Barrowman all made afterelton's hot 100 list... Not suprisingly of course... There might be some who think Randy should be higher (I think they have him at 32?), but how? He's only done theatre for the last 2 years... I was actually worried that Gale wouldn't be in there (because of DH, blech)... He is though...

Yes I did see Sex and the City: The Movie... It was good, a bit too long (almost 2 and a half hours??)... Like they were trying mash 4+ episodes in there... I did like how it ended (yes I'm a sap at hear), and Anthony and Stanford together? Little scary... What happened to Marcus?

Edit: There should be one additional yes Declan Bennett made the list too :o)
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Saw Degrassi today, the woman who plays Ellie's Mom played Brian's sister...

There are probably more Degrassi and QAF connections (other than Ryan Cooley)...

Just don't know what they are.
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The last few days... Some job assessments (yawn)... That I keep watching this one clip of Torchwood on youtube... I'd post it, but I would think one could almost guess which one it is ;o)

I surfed BBC Canada, and discovered (like I pretty much figured) that they do not carry the show... Pout

I need a Captain Jack icon...

Oh Randy...

Feb. 4th, 2008 10:17 pm
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My cousin made me supremely happy today...

Back when she worked in Rogers in Toronto (on Yonge)... Guess who came in to pay his internet/cable/phone bill?

Need a hint??? He's in my icon ;o)

She was friends with a friend of his that he used to go out and party with downtown too... So much for the young bookish gay guy image huh?

I now want to google to find out if he mentions anywhere during QAF about a friend of his dying...

and a test )
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And it was actually pretty good... I have gone so far off network television it's not even funny... I watch Queer as Folk DVDs and TCM and AMC, and some MMM every once in a while...

So anyway, Private Practice, Audra and Taye playing exes? How cool is that? And the rest was pretty good too... I may just have to watch another episode :o)

(the Rent icon is the closest I could get to one of Taye... He's in the 2nd last spotlight :P)
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And it would figure that I have no Jennifer icons... Justin will have to be close enough... She's doing either an informercial or a telethon for Sick Kids... With Paul Gross??

Weird coincidence considering I was watching the "Facts of Life" produced by Paul Haggis... I was thinking yesterday, that George Clooney should be in one of his films...

Okay going before I get anymore confusing :P

Edit: See how I just did that? Six degrees of Queer as Folk?
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No longer the same age as Randy Harrison... Not that I want to be thirty anytime soon :P
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And I think that I forgot at least half of it...

McGuinty (I don't even care if I spelled that wrong) went in again... Phooey... It is kind of interesting that I was watching 314 at the same time...

Since when has Jonathan Crombie been the man in the chair? I... I looked it up to make sure it was the same person and it was...

And I got some... Interesting... News at lunch... One of my New Years resolutions is about to go into full effect.


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