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Go to outlet malls, I spend WAY too much money there... I went to the most awesome one outside Toronto today (in Vaughan specifically)... They had designer labels for less than half price. That is a REALLY bad addiction for me... That and Disney stores, and this place had a Disney outlet... Wow what an awesome place.

I had to drive my mom home in the dark too(her fault though).

I had more to say and it just flew out of my head....
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Let's see... I started out going to breakfast with my mom (as my mom said, what is with people going to breakfast in this town? Everyone does on the weekend)...

Then I decided I was going to try my luck at the Wicked lotto... Only by then it was almost 10:30 and I knew I would have to be there by noon to get my name in... I had to go around a detour for Rememberance Day just to get to a bank machine... I got gas and finally got on the road, only then it started to pour rain...

I finally got there (the weather was better in Toronto, thank god)... Got going the wrong way and had to double back.. I didn't really get lost though... Of course once I got in the parking garage, I had no idea where I would end up once I got back outside. Luckily where I came out was directly across from the front of the theatre... Which was not where the box office was... It was around the block and by that time it was almost 12:25... They didn't draw the tickets till 12:30 though, so I really did get there just in time.. I didn't win though....

No big deal, the bigger problem was that I had to go to the bathroom. Not easily found in a place like the Eaton Centre... I had to go all the way down to the bottom to find the bathroom and then back halfway up to get back to my car.. Once I got back to the garage, I spent 10 minutes just trying to find my car.

I got out of there, and then had one heck of a time getting back out the city. I got lost and then everywhere I went traffic was backed up...

Then I decided to go to another mall on the way home and got lost going there... Not fun, considering how many cars were there when I got there... I made that a short trip...

Got something to eat, went to come home, but when I went to turn up onto the hill that I live on, they had an emergency road closed sign up... I couldn't look very closely (I had to turn the other way then), but I could have sworn someone was lying at the bottom of the road with a cop standing over them...

Anyway, home now (and obviously glad to be).. Gonna watch a DVD and avoid my company Christmas party


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