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The hard way no less (that's typical with me though)... My mom loves me no matter what I do, and I have done probably everything now (good and BAD).

Since it's the anniversary of September 11th, I'll share my story... I was unemployed and was watching the tv that morning... As per my usual it was the Today Show and Matt Lauer was interviewing a guy about book he wrote about Howard Hughes just before 9am... I can even remember that the last question Matt asked was how he got info about Howard and he said he had had access to his diaries... Matt looked up, turned to the guy and said I'm sorry, but I have to cut you off... But then it was 8:54am and they had to go off till 9am (for the local news, weather etc...)... So I was curious, and switched the channel to CNN, and sure enough they were reporting about a plane hitting the World Trade Centre.... That was the point when they were still talking about when a plane hit the Empire State Building in the 30's, so no sure sign yet that it was terrorism... I switched to Regis and Kelly then (back when I still liked her) and they were showing pictures of the fire and the smoke at the top of the building... Kelly was in shock and Regis was speechless (for once) And then they started talking about the television signals that were taken out when the planes hit the tower... So I started switching between channels, and I just missed the footage of the second plane hitting... Which of course confirmed terrorism...

Then I had to go to the doctor. All I could think that it was ironic that it was my second appointment that summer and the first time was the day they put Timothy McVeigh to death and now this... All to do with terrorism. That and I was wondering what the doctor would say (he's an older man, and is frazzled on a good day, no telling what something like this would do).

I drove down and on the way I was listening to the radio... Waited for the doctor, in the office their radio station was still playing music, but my doctor's secretary got a phone call confirming that the buildings had fallen... Then I saw the doctor (who didn't have much to say at all), and then I drove home and by then even my radio station (I used to listen to oldies all the time) was playing news coverage.

I talked to my mom and the neighbours about it (the couple next door actually left for Pennsylvania the next day), and of course watched the coverage continuously...

I remember someone saying that they were targeting tall buildings and it made me wonder if they considered the CN Tower...

Just all these thoughts flying through my head...
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What is life? )

As of right now, it's almost midnight in Atlanta... I wonder what Gareth has been doing... Hmmmmmmmmmmmm.... Can't wait for Dragon Con reports... I really don't think he's started filming yet... Especially since John said yesterday that he's only done three days (and they've been back for 2 weeks now)... Gareth would have had to leave for the States yesterday or the day before too...

Let's see, life... Got a 94 in my first module... Have another intro to computer, then word processing, then success strategies and back to word processing...

I had more, I think, but I am too tired to remember...

Oh I know... I want John's single just by itself, not part of the interview... Grr.... I wish I knew how to edit clips...
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I already feel better...
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Rainbow Connection just needs to be shared with the whole world... Jim Henson had it totally right
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How you really say "I love you." by lenatheraven
...believe in true love?
Your hands sayWith me, you'll never be lost.
Your eyes sayI can't dream anyone more beautiful.
Your hugs sayI promise I will try to keep you safe.
Your kisses sayI am addicted to you.
Your body saysI want to wake up beside you.
Your heart saysIk houd van u.

I came back

Sep. 9th, 2006 11:21 am
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Easing my way out lurkerdom, is taking longer than it should... Long than I thought it would... Too many bad things in the past little while... No more though... I'm so stupid that I can't even figure out that I am the only one that can make it stop...

I am stopping it today....


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