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I got new clothes, bought food for lunch, got everything ready... Was getting ready to go to bed in time... Then I read over the email again (just to make I hadn't missed anything)... It says to start May 12th! That's NEXT Monday! I sent her an email to make sure, but now I really don't know... It probably is the 12th though... Grrrrrrrrrr..... I just want to get back to work already!
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I don't post for over a week, and then 2 in 1 day... There could be more at this rate... The chick isn't even back a week and she's taking over... It would't be so bad, but she can be so hard to take... That and EVERYTHING is a friggin secret... Can I ask who really gives a rat's ass?

Maybe I wouldn't be so frustated if other things weren't going on... I can say it once or a hundred times I prefer Melissa to her...

I guess that serves to remind me that there are more annoying people than Sherri and Marilyn
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What is it with Peanut Butter?? Someone else gets to eat it all, and I have to get my own? That was mine... What the HELL???

I am trying not be childish about this... But get out!! Go live with the freeloader, don't go away mad, just go away!!!
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Yes you read that right folks... The freeloader is gone, whining and bitching the whole way, but she is gone...

Some of her crap is still here... So she will be back, but the end is near, that light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter...

I thought I was going nuts, because my mom said I should feel sorry for her.... But then mom told me today, that most the people she talked to agreed with me...

Boy do I feel better, I will finally be able to get a good night's sleep for the first time in almost a month
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I want to be reasonable, I want to be fair.... How can I be? This woman takes everything, and can't even so much as clean up after herself... And then she brings her kids here and they do the exact same thing... This woman is almost fifty and can't clean up after herself? WTF????

I don't swear lightly, but this is insane... I have lived here since I was six, almost 22 years and this is the first time I have been made to feel I was not welcome in my own home...

I can't stop blowing off steam either... I can't tell her, so I tell my mother which only makes it worse for her...

Anybody got a place that I can sleep tonight? I have to go to bed, I have so much work to do tomorrow...
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Don't ask me why I'm using the title of a Paul McCartney album to start my journal...

When you're at the very bottom, the only way to go is up... right? Unless that really is the end... I'm too young to die, too young to even worry. It's not my mess, but it is my mother who is upstairs very sick, because she has gotten so worked up about her freeloaders...Shouldn't say it that way, a woman who freeloads and her kids...

Mom assures me the end is near...She is going and the sooner the better...

I'm trying though, I didn't even blow my top, when she started eating cheesies right in front of me where she was asked not to...

Anyway, friend me... Or however this works... I'll cheer up, it's alway darkest before the dawn.

I also work on building up my interests list... Give me something else to talk about.


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