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I now have a journal at dreamwidth, look for me under I have to go or I would add my friends here over there, but feel free to add me... If not I will add you when I get back :o)

Have a great day everyone.
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A couple of secrets over in Who secrets have me giggling too (the fanfic ones, *gasp*)... And I even ship Jack/Ianto (I know, I know I'm a traitor :P)
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Livejournal and Turner Classic Movies have the same birthday...

Otherwise, life is okay... Thank you for asking ;o)

Oh and the only reason I am using this mood, is because it's Jack with Nine... Did I mention I love Nine (even if JB doesn't :P)? I do, I am actually on the lookout for the episode Rose (I had a source, but it went belly up :o()

ETA: And since I posted today, I'll say Happy Birthday David Tennant :P
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And I am just that much of a nerd, that I am tempted to go...

That and I talked myself into more hours at work... Which is a good thing, but it may piss some of the others off (just newer people, with full time jobs, I shouldn't feel bad for them right?), and now I only have one night off a week... Oh well more hours... That and BC went live yesterday, and some of us (not me thank God), had to take their calls cold, with no training...

Oh and JB and Whoopi on a chat show? Total heaven for me. Dawn French seemed pretty cool too, and I totally envy her that she got to see John in Matador (as she said 48 times :P).
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Totally... My mom was sick first and I had to go and get her cough medicine at Walmart the other day after work, and I ended up taking some as well... I missed my last therapy appointment because of it, instead I had my mom yelling at me... Grrrrrrrrrrrr....

Took my mom to get new glasses today and when we got back this stray cat ran into the house... He tried to stay, but when he saw our cats he started to hiss. I feel bad if he really iss a stray (he wasn't wearing a collar), because it is really cold here today, and he has nowhere to go.... He couldn't of stayed here anyway, he wasn't declawed...

Speaking of the weather... What the hell was that? Almost two months of no snow, we get a storm on April 6th? What the hell??

That and I have been searching for more info about the last Doctor Who special... I've seen the pictures, just wondering about the details hmmmm... New special this week though... It airs Sunday right?

That and I am more disappointed now to not be going to Torchsong... Why did GDL have to agree to go? And I am SO not sorry for the unfavourable exchange rate for the people in the UK.

I had more, but this damn flu has eaten my brain...
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I aspire to this:

You Are the Artist
You are unique and inspired. You aren't happy unless you are making art of some sort.
Almost anything can be a catalyst for your creativity. You find the whole world stimulating.

You have beautiful visions, and you're good at expressing them. You like people to see what you see.
You also have an inventor's spirit. You're always thinking up new ideas and concepts.
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Watching the finale of ER... I didn't get to see the whole thing, but the end actually made me cry....

Anyway, more training at work today, which was.... interesting... Most of the staff during the day is nice, but now that I have direct contact with them it's different... I told one of them that the guy from our shift that went to theirs went on a trip for the company and by the end of the day that information had gotten around to all of the reps. It was basically, how come I don't get to go? I've been here longer... I almost started to panic, cause I started to think that the guy I told about would be angry, but everyone on my regular shift thought it was funny, and I realized it really wasn't that big a deal... Just wow... The gossip in that place...

I had a bit of trouble concentrating in my training though.... First I found the sunglasses I lost and then I remembered that I had forgot to watch Torchwood this week (for any Canadians out there it's now on Space on Tuesdays at 10pm)...
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It might be Gareth's birthday today (not in the UK in anymore, but it still is here), but we get the present; he's recording a Torchwood audiobook, that just gets me ridiculously excited...

That and I forgot to mention that rumours are swirling that JB is going to be on stage in the West End again soon, in La Cage Aux Folles... I would LOVE to see him in that....

That and I LOVE the choices on this mood theme... Cheerful? Happy? How is a girl able to choose? :P

ETA: Forgot he mentioned the radio plays too... YAY!!!!!!!!
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I wore my Rent shirt to work, and listened to the OBC on my break and when I went to the mall... I still need to learn how to make an e with an accent when I type too... I looked one up before and it didn't work...

Got the Torchwood Archives at Chapters today. It made me so happy that they are selling Torchwood stuff there... They even have JB's autobiography there... They're supposed to have the paperback there too, but they don't have any in stock...

I found a Canadian website that sells the Doctor Who and Torchwood figures too... The only extra they charge is shipping (through Canada Post)... They even have a sale on the Doctor Who Captain Jack figure...

My cat missed me today, he's been following me around since I got home...

That and I am thismuchcloser to getting more hours at work... Sometimes patience and perseverance really do payoff...


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