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Today went MUCH better for me... Some of the underlying things are still there, but I handled them so much better today (managed to get in a small nap, which helped as well)... It also helps that the trainers are so nice :o)

Anyway, the reason for this is, is a video I saw today from johnbarrowmandotcom on youtube... The first part of his UK book tour... I can't put it here, because the embedding has been disabled.... People HAVE to watch this though, just to see what John does with a dustbuster and what he puts on his head...
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It was for a job interview granted, but she was still very nice. It's a job grading eggs in the area (sounds weird I know), and it was rather intriguing.

I didn't do that well on the math though (was not prepared for it at all)... At first I thought that I couldn't do any figuring, because the sheet said no calculators, but she said I could make notes... Whew! I don't think I did that well on that part though.

We talked for quite a while though. It was her interview questions that we started from, but we got to talking. It felt good, because it was an actual conversation.... I think I can work my course around the schedule too (the school said I could do this too). She'll know in about a week too, who she's going to hire.

Tomorrow, I have an interview and orientation... I also have to figure out what's going on with the textbook I am supposed to have on Monday. I might go with my mom to her physio too... Not sure about that though. I feel like I should go cause she fell today, but she gets so determined to do everything herself...Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr........

Ummmmmmmmm... What else? They are going to shoot part of the Rent farewell on Broadway next Wednesday (*ahem*)...

And I have to pay my insurance, sort out my RRSP.... I'm listing it here and I can't remember if there's anymore....

Ummmmmmmmm... I had more...

Oh... I know... I read that Torchwood starts shooting next Monday yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The arc is to be called *Children of Eden* (I think I'm remembering that right)... There are going to be 2 releases of Torchwood figures... Jack, Gwen, cyberwoman (I think) now... Then John Hart, Ianto and a Weevil (I might have switched the weevil and the cyberwoman) in November.... And possibly Owen and Tosh... Not fair that there is going to be Captain John and only maybe Tosh and Owen? That and it sounds a little off... Didn't Naoko say at Comic Con that she had seen pictures of her figure?
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I looked outside and I saw a rainbow... Good things are going to happen... It's good to be proactive in your own life :o)
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at bit of disclosure...

My decision from the other day? I signed up for a business class that will take 5 months to complete. I finally have gotten tired of going from job to job with no credibility behind me, this will give me that (and some peace of mind). When I signed up the other day, I was still totally unsure (with a lot of other things still going on), but it all went away when I filled out the forms... I really feel like I made the right decision, cause I really have no lingering doubts about it, they all evaporated. Today sealed the deal too, cause I will have no trouble getting aid..........Whew! I start the 18th.

I am also working on getting a job... I have had some interviews so hopefully. And I might have a lead on a place to live too... Hopefully AND I can pay my car insurance.

Oh and Torchwood starts on Space tonight! I hope my fellow Canadians will be watching tonight... Two episodes too!
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I read something that really helped me to put things in better perspective...

I don't hate Torchwood, Doctor Who or *anyone* else...

Of course, I won't be home tomorrow, when the Doctor Who finale airs... All the better though, I would still have to wait for a download anyway...
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I already feel better...
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I got fired... I wish I had quit ages ago... I don't have to go back to that backstabbing cesspool EVER again....Money or no money, I won't get another thing!!!!!

LET'S PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Rainbow Connection just needs to be shared with the whole world... Jim Henson had it totally right
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Shitty weather and women losing babies, puts it all in perspective for me...

Oh to be somewhat hopeful... I faced my fear of driving in bad weather... I did it I DROVE! :o)))

I should have made that one of my New Year's resolutions...

Hmmmm... anyways.......

Edit: I feel somewhat normal these days... Whatever that means... Most of the depression is gone...
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It took 4 medicines and 3 days of feeling like I can't get out of bed... But I actually might be better now. My appetite went away (the one thing that I never lose), but maybe I'll lose the weight I need to...

I think things are looking up (I know I shouldn't jinx myself)... I might even get to see Wicked soon and Rent's coming at the end of the month...


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