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I'll try :P

Anyway... Decided to stop with the weird and cryptic entries... I might post about my life in the past few weeks... I'll see...

New icon in honour of Rick Astley... I actually convinced the people at work last night that he's not gay...

Right now I am obsessed with my boot of Norbert Leo Butz as Mark in Rent... I keep playing Happy New Year over and over and over... I SO wish there was video of him following Idina with the video camera in this song... Apparently no such boot exists though :o( I am SO jealous of the people that get to see him and Raul Esparza together in Speed the Plow (isn't that the play Madonna was in the eighties?).

I uploaded 10 new icons today... All of the *mini* variety... I even have an Alice and Emily. Now I just need a real Alice and Emily.
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Stalkerish?? Well I was pointed in the right direction to see Norbert Leo Butz's wedding photos (congrats to him and Michelle), and his brother posted a link to his photobucket on imdb... He did it, but I looked...


There is a Queer as Folk connection here btw... Randy played Boq opposite Michelle's Nessa Rose (I have the video to prove it ;o)).

Going now, before I get myself into trouble (maybe I already have?)
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And no I don't care to elaborate on that...

In other news, I had the weirdest dream... I was watching Entertainment Tonight (I think I was *watching* it, and I haven't watched it in ages), and for some reason they were covering that Norbert Leo Butz was opening in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels in London... They were showing a clip of him doing a dance number (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) with a whole bunch of guys around this cage/box like thing and he was in the middle. They were all wearing blue and green tweed-like jackets. Strange considering there is no number like that in the show (I don't think there is anyway, I haven't watched the whole thing yet... see post below for further explanation)... It would be really weird if that show did open in London with him though....
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You know what I have been trying to find? Any pictures of Norbert Leo Butz as Mark Cohen in Rent... I can't find any grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr......The recording I have of him as Mark is mocking me. That and I found an article about him, where he says that he went on as Mark like 60 times... Why are there no pictures of this??

I was trying to find one of Giles Chiasson as Mark too, but I guess if I can't find one of Norbert as Mark, I don't have any hope of finding of Giles as Mark...

Also who was David Driver? Did he only go on as Roger once?... I'll keep googling till I find him, well all of them...

Going now... I ate way too much food at dinner.


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