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That I don't eat most meat... I had a platter of greek food yesterday and ate some pork... Oops! My stomach is paying me back now...

I feel really tired and don't want to do much... Maybe I'll have a Hitchcock festival and clean my room (Dreamgirls went to a few more theatres, but still the closest is TO)

Almost forgot I was reading that, "The Departed," is one of the best movies of the year... The version I have is a little strange, and I don't know how to open it... I think I'll watch it too... They like, "The Good Shepherd," too... I will refrain from commenting, about that and Saddam Hussein...

Edit: They also said Studio 60 was one of the worst tv shows of the year... Too many stereotypes... You know what I say to that? Pffffffffffffffffffffffffffftttttttttttttttt!!!!

Also James Mason and Cary Grant talking to each other? Would only happen in the movies... With Martin Laundau skulking in the background no less...
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That's all.. He was adorable in Studio 60 and in the Holiday (he stole the picture and they had Cameron Diaz and EVERYTHING *sarcasm there).

The picture? Who am I Tom Cruise? ;o)
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And give away the ending of Studio 60 from last night :o)' Matt and Danny both went after their women and it was SO funny. Harriet said Matt's name on the air (during the news no less) and Jordan couldn't respond to Danny, because she had her mouth full of food. I DID NOT see Danny and Jordan coming AT ALL. Matt and Danny talking about it was hilarious, Matt asking about the upfronts, sent Danny into a spin... That and Danny telling Matt that he kept driving by her house,

"It's on my way to work." "Yeah if you were driving back from Tijuana."

Tom and Simon are attached at the hip now though... But them with the writers going through all of the Christmas myths... I LOVE Scott McKinney too. A little Kids in the Hall is always great, never mind a Canadian (yes I know the star is too, but he's only half and he was born in the States).

I'm glad that the stories seem to be a little tighter now... I'm disappointed that they lost Evan Handler in the process (he was awesome on Sex and the City). That the show is going to be a full season is a relief too...Nice coincidence that Jordan is due in May too, huh?

ETA: almost forgot the pursuit of snow and the coconuts... That was priceless Cal dropping the coconut on the writers table and breaking it... I love me some Timothy Busfield (I am SO old I can remember him as Alex's friend on Family Ties)


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