Feb. 4th, 2009

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It was really good... Well I've watched the documentary and the featurettes... Not the entire performance (yet)...

The documentary was really good... It was nice that they started with Rodney Hicks and Gwen Stewart (interesting to know that Rodney was 21 when Rent opened.... not that much older than me really)... Seeing all the backstage stuff was really interesting... And the production manager taking down all of the pictures on the walls. That and when they filmed there was no audience present... I actually believed that the applause and cheers were real... I know I am still slightly naive, but wow... Adam Kantor saying that he was in fifth grade when Rent opened made me feel really old... But then Will Chase is like 15 years older than him, so I didn't feel so bad :P It was funny when Eden Espinosa was teasing Adam saying that he wasn't old enough to know who Punky Brewster was.... That's who she reminds me of quite frankly, that and her saying that he hadn't cried that whole week (the documentary was filmed during the last week of the show). It was funny Rodney saying that Michael Grief was still giving them notes even on the second last Sunday... That and the original cast members and former cast members who were on camera... Jamie Lee Kircshner (I don't think I spelled that right) and Luther Creek (saying that he was a former Roger... ahem....), and the others. It was nice that they filmed the original cast members in the wing, just before the end of the show... Wilson Jermain Heredia was a little out of tune though... Kinda strange that Anthony Rapp wasn't standing with that group though... When they came on stage for the encore, he came from the opposite direction... I also didn't realize that Tracie Thoms ran right into Jesse L. Martin's arms right when the encore was finished...

Anyway.... It was very good.... I just need to watch the rest of the performance now... I didn't start watching the DVD till midnight though, so hopefully understandable :P Oh and the guy that ran the lotto crying was really sweet, when it hit him that it was the final one. Oh and then Adam finally did break down when they walked offstage... And they kept the music going over the footage of them starting to take down the set...

I wonder what the Nederlander looks like now? Have previews started for Guys and Dolls yet? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm........
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But it's really cool... It's President Obama's inaugural speech

Wordle: Obama's Inaugural Speach

That and I am listening to them play Night and Day on TCM... Cary Grant et al doing Cole Porter music... I started paying more attention when I realized that, "Hey John Barrowman sings that..."

Yes I know I'm retarded


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