Feb. 21st, 2009

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This has happened a lot in the last few days, and I have finally had it...

There is this woman at work (more than one, but I am focusing on her for this), who tells everybody that she's nice (she actually said those words today) and then will turn around and stab you in the back the first chance that she gets... I wasn't sure till today that she had done it to me, but I am pretty sure now that she has. Now I can handle that, that's no problem, I don't need a full time job there as badly as they might think I do.

What truly irritates me is the way she treats certain people. She (and a couple others) has decided that she doesn't like this one girl on our shift, and even though she goes out of her way to be *nice* you can tell that she doesn't like her she doesn't come off as being nice to her. Now this girl is different and was actually born in the Middle East, so the way she speaks and the way she acts is different (not wrong, different!)... And the girl from the Middle East also had trouble getting used to the phones and what we're doing, but rather than help her, she picks at her... It feels like it's only getting worse, and I am getting REALLY close to losing my temper.

I talked about it to the other woman stayed later today and I actually got to blow off some steam... It just truly amazes me the way that some people act and treat people...

It reminds me of the UK vs. US JB wank (and other wank that I have witnessed). Opinions differ, that's why they are called *opinions* for God's sake! No matter how long you've been a fan or known who he is doesn't make you better or worse, or your opinion more valid. I mean, I can remember Central Park West, does that make me more valid than the person that only first saw him in Torchwood? I don't think so. I do think there is a bit of touchiness going on to, that has more to do with the person's personality than anything with JB (which I think JB would be the first to point out).

Anyway, I'm done now, and I feel a lot better...

Oh and someone tell me to stop listening to this song...


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