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Not that I wasn't expecting it, considering her accident's been all over the news the last couple of days, but it's still shocking... I'm not really the type that believes something could happen till it actually does. I feel bad for her family, but especially her boys (and Liam of course), they're still rather young, and they just lost their mother. I mean my mom drives me crazy, but I have had her for 30+ years... In her honour, I am downloading the revival recording of Cabaret (I had it before, but I deleted it).

What else? I think we may have gotten in shit at work again tonight... We stop making outbound calls at 8:30, and some of the higher ups came in just before 8:45 and we were talking... Technically you could call that a break, but who knows what they will actually call it. I wasn't actually in the room though when they came in, and technically when I came back I was still on my fifteen minute break... Oh and it turns out they are closing all of their Western Canada ROC's and are our ROC is becoming National. So they are going to be hiring... If anyone is looking for a job in Ontario, I just gave you a hint of where to look, *wink.

ETA: Oh and *gasp* I just threw away my Tim Horton's cup without rolling up the rim... Whoops, I just did, and I didn't win anything *pout*
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It was really good... Well I've watched the documentary and the featurettes... Not the entire performance (yet)...

The documentary was really good... It was nice that they started with Rodney Hicks and Gwen Stewart (interesting to know that Rodney was 21 when Rent opened.... not that much older than me really)... Seeing all the backstage stuff was really interesting... And the production manager taking down all of the pictures on the walls. That and when they filmed there was no audience present... I actually believed that the applause and cheers were real... I know I am still slightly naive, but wow... Adam Kantor saying that he was in fifth grade when Rent opened made me feel really old... But then Will Chase is like 15 years older than him, so I didn't feel so bad :P It was funny when Eden Espinosa was teasing Adam saying that he wasn't old enough to know who Punky Brewster was.... That's who she reminds me of quite frankly, that and her saying that he hadn't cried that whole week (the documentary was filmed during the last week of the show). It was funny Rodney saying that Michael Grief was still giving them notes even on the second last Sunday... That and the original cast members and former cast members who were on camera... Jamie Lee Kircshner (I don't think I spelled that right) and Luther Creek (saying that he was a former Roger... ahem....), and the others. It was nice that they filmed the original cast members in the wing, just before the end of the show... Wilson Jermain Heredia was a little out of tune though... Kinda strange that Anthony Rapp wasn't standing with that group though... When they came on stage for the encore, he came from the opposite direction... I also didn't realize that Tracie Thoms ran right into Jesse L. Martin's arms right when the encore was finished...

Anyway.... It was very good.... I just need to watch the rest of the performance now... I didn't start watching the DVD till midnight though, so hopefully understandable :P Oh and the guy that ran the lotto crying was really sweet, when it hit him that it was the final one. Oh and then Adam finally did break down when they walked offstage... And they kept the music going over the footage of them starting to take down the set...

I wonder what the Nederlander looks like now? Have previews started for Guys and Dolls yet? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm........
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Look who it is!

It's kinda depressing though... Hairspray has closed...
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I just read that Adam Pascal is going to be at the Royal Variety Performance for a Lion King tribute... John Barrowman's going to be there too... John and Adam? Yes please!

Which makes me think (as I do every so often), what part could John play in Rent? Now to me it's between Mark and Roger. Right now I am leaning towards Roger, but it's still hard to imagine him playing an HIV postive ex-heroin addict... Why I'm leaning that way is that Will Chase played Roger in Rent, and played Chris in Miss Saigon... I know there's some faulty reasoning in there, but it's my theory :P

Ummmmmmmmmm......... What else? Business English and Proofreading is now over... Don't know what I got on the project, but I got 84 on the exam. I was steered in the wrong direction on a question and got the answer wrong.... I've already started Excel too... And I saw another course that I might be interested in today.

Went for an interview at a tube park... Which was interesting.

Watched General Hospital today... It's gotten SO lame. Elizabeth and Jason should just be together... And the way Laura left was SO stupid.

Now I'm listening to Oprah... Her home and Rob Lowe's didn't burn down... So relieved :P

Oh and apparently I don't know as many Best Picture Winners and classic Disney movies as I thought... I know more about movie villains? Weird?

And this song? It's so sad, but it's so beautiful... George needs to write more musicals...

ETA: And I totally forgot... Was poking around John's revamped website... Very nice, of course there were a few people who didn't like the colours (I'm surprised their comments got through).

ETA 2: Love the new trailer for the Doctor Who Christmas special - Allons-y!
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I haven't been paying total attention, but this just flabbergasted me... I knew that [title of show] and Legally Blonde had closed, I had heard that Spamalot and Hairspray were about to close on broadway....

But Spring Awakening is closing??? What in the??? That show was supposed to be this generation's Rent... Rent ran for twelve years! Has Spring Awakening even run for three?

I..... wow....

ETA: Okay I'm a bit better now... I just realized that I went from happy to crushed in my *moods* today...

Oh and I am totally obsessed with Maid of the Mist as sung by Emily Skinner... I LOVE Emily Skinner, she's my hero... :o)

I'll give a cookie to anyone who knows who she is ;o)
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I know I've seen Rent on stage 6 times, including once at the Nederlander, and the movie countless number of times... But what they filmed for the final show is truly amazing... I was in tears for almost the entire second act... I hardly cried anytime I saw it live... Just the angles, and that the cameras could get closer than a regular audience member, did so much for the emotion.

I wasn't entirely sure about Will Chase, but he grew on me... I thought he couldn't do angry Roger, but it really did build through the performance... I came away totally believing his Roger... I liked Renee and Tracie and Michael and everyone... They were all great... Not big on Adam Kantor though. He didn't hit the emotion hard enough for me.

It was definitely worth going... Towards the end I kept thinking, by now that entire set has been taken down.

The end was a huge ad for Adam and Anthony on tour next year too...

ETA: Oh and I don't know how I forgot... But seeing Gwen Stewart perform was the absolute highlight for me...

Oh and at the end one of the original NYTW cast members comes out as well, Mark Setlock (the original Angel, he was a swing at the beginning of the broadway run as well)
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Man... I do everything that is asked of me (and more) and she still screams, and I still beg to stay.

Today, it was that I spilled something on purpose (while I was vacuuming). I didn't notice before, all I saw was an empty cup (to me anyway) on the coffee table. I get angry, she gets angry, it just kept going.

I start tomorrow at 7:30am... Wow, I haven't gotten up that early in a while.

Been screwing around though, making John Barrowman feeds for livejournal. There are Randy Harrison feeds, so there HAS to be John Barrowman feeds right? Right :P (I posted the links on barrowmanfans, but if you can't be bothered to look there, take a look at my profile)

For the record I need to stop listening to Sondheim songs and watching these videos:

They're part of a series on the making of the original Company cast album. I love Elaine Stritch and Pamela Myers now. The second video is particularly funny, because the engineer comes in at the end of their lunch (Stephen Sondheim, Hal Prince and Elaine Stritch) to tell them that they'll finish recording at 4am (which is true if you watch Elaine recording the Ladies Who Lunch).

I had more... I keep forgetting must be the age thing again... Oh I keep coming back to someone telling me a long time ago, that read my palm and said that I wouldn't live past thirty... I know that's morbid (and probably not true). Thirty's only 3 days away now though...

I also wonder, since it's like 5am in Cardiff, if the Torchwood crew is preparing to shoot the first ep of series 3? Or if some of the actors are early??

Okay it's 11:13pm now, I need to go to bed.
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As far as I know John Barrowman only made one *official* recording of Sunset Boulevard, but I managed to download it about four times... What in the???

Now I'm looking for the audiobook of Anything Goes, and I can't find it... Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr..........

If there is anything I want for my birthday it's that and the rest of this performance:

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It's only Thursday night... Imagine what I'll be like on Sunday afternoon?

Still have to get through work.... The emmys (Van HAD BETTER WIN!!!)... and I want to tackle the digital camera... I need to have it operational................Grrrrrrrrrrr...

That and I am developing an obsession with Sondheim's Company and Elaine Stritch's voice...

ETA: I totally forgot the other part of my giddiness... Rose on Doctor Who!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AND the episode will have a preview of the next episode... Dare I say it? Jack with Gwen and Ianto eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I literally squeaked... He crowded one of the girls "personal space."

I think I am going to be squeaking for a while...

Raul Esparza didn't win either :o(

ETA: Sheila Hockin is producing the show and the production company is Temple Street. Gotta love those QAF connections.


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